Investing Reinvented


Real Estate property that is mortgage-free becomes profitable for both the owners and the holders of the FND  Stable coins. Tokenizing new property adds a new financing model and disrupts the current mortgage system ruled by banks.

Rental income rights are sold using FND STABLE COINS and holders of the FND Stable Coins will earn a residual monthly return paid in FND Tokens.

FND Stable Coins can only be purchase with FND Tokens. This creates even more demand on top of the trade volume we create by adding monthly recurring and increasing rental income to our economy.

Further a quarterly manual burn of FND Tokens will decrease the supply and create a more stable economy overall.

Total amount of Tokens – 100million and decreasing


As an investor, you purchase either or both the FND Stable Coin connected to one or more Real Estate Properties and/or the tradable FND Token we use as payout for the rents.

By holding a certain amount of FND Stable Coins you purchase the right to receive the percentage of the rent that corresponds to the amount of Stable Coins in your wallet. Purchase here

Residual income for as long as you hold the Stable Coins.


With a large portfolio of properties we own there is a broad selection for investments available. We offer investments in Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Properties. We only offer properties that have rental income so your investment will render guarenteed residual income.


Commercial property is real estate that is used for business activities. Commercial property usually refers to buildings that house businesses, but can also refer to land used to generate a profit, as well as large residential rental properties. Commercial property includes malls, grocery stores, offices, industrial estates, manufacturing shops and more.


Residential real estate can be single-family homes, condominium units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and so on. The term residential rental property distinguishes this class of rental real estate investment from commercial properties where the tenant will generally be a corporate entity rather than a person or family, as well as hotels and motels where a tenant does not live in the property long term.


Hospitality Property means a full service or limited service hotel or resort, a condominium or timeshare hotel or resort, an extended stay property, or a conference center, and other facilities incidental to, or in support of such property, including without limitation, restaurants and other food-service facilities, spas, golf facilities or other entertainment facilities or club, conference or meeting facilities and Intellectual Property related thereto..


Value: €2,856,600

Rental income per year: € 104,400

Service costs: 7% (€7,308 per year)

Stable coins: 28,566

Price per FND stable coin: €100

Rental income per FND stable coin: €3,35 per year

  • Available FND Stablecoins (FND1017AD) 96.4% 96.4%
Ottho Helderingstraat 31 Amsterdam


Value: €263.000

Rental income per year: € 13.800

Service costs: 6% (€828 + canon €960)

Stable coins: 2.630

Price per FND stable coin: €100

Rental income per FND stable coin: €4,56 per year

  • 2630 Available FND Stablecoins 100% 100%


Value: €15,000,000

15+10 Multi Tennant
Rental income per year: € 950,000

Service costs: 3% (€28,500 per year)

Stable coins: 150,000

Price per FND stable coin: €100

Rental income per FND stable coin: €6,14 per year



The ownership rights you gain by holding the FND Stable  Coins will result in monthly residual payments based on the percentage of rights you own. These payments will be done in FND Tokens.

These FND Tokens will be tradeable on different markets and exchanges causing the value to increase whenever there is rising demand for our currency. The more Real  Estate Properties we add to our portfolio the more demand will increase for FND Tokens since all payments for the rent ownership rights will be done in our currency.

You can either choose to exchange the FND the moment you receive them or hold them for longer periods of time to create some additional profit from the value increase of FND.


While FND Stable Coins are always backed by the property they represent, FND Tokens are less stable and more subject to volatility. Due to their tradability and the fact that no market can guarantee any form of stability, it’s hard to develop a system where a stable and continuous growth can take place. However, we believe we have developed a system that comes very close to generating a stable growth.


First of all, you can only purchase FND Stable Coins using FND Tokens. The next step for is taking a certain proportion of these FND Tokens out of circulation by a quarterly “burn”. In other words, we will send a certain amount of the FND Tokens received for the purchase to a non-existing wallet. Taking them out of circulation forever. The result will be that there are less FND Tokens available while the total value of the network will increase. The total value will increase because purchasing and holding FND Tokens will guarantee profit in several different ways.

  • Increased demand due to rental income pay out done in FND Tokens
  • Increased demand due to the fact that FND Stable Coins need to be purchased by FND Tokens
  • Decreasing supply due to the quarterly burn of a large valued amount of FND Tokens
  • The possibility to purchase the rental rights for the properties in FND Tokens

 So burning FND Tokens adds to increasing demand and a higher stability in general.

You can always check the amount of burned tokens in this wallet: https://etherscan.io/address/0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead


For your investment with our Real Estate options, you will receive a certain amount of FND Stable coins. These coins are unique for each Real Estate Property and only available in a relatively small amount.

The value of these FND Stable Coins will be a set value as a  percentage of the value of the property it belongs to. Holders will be able to easily recognize the percentage of ownership to the rental income they are entitled to receive.

You can either choose to exchange the FND Stablecoin the moment you receive them or hold them for longer periods of time to create some additional profit from the Rental income of FND Stablecoin.



While we are the official owners of the properties we make the income from rent available to holders of the FND Stable Coins. The rent is spread across the holders of the coins and paid in FND Tokens.


Our mission is to create a large asset based network where participants can either earn from holding the FND Stable Coins or the tradeable FND Tokens, or both.


We have a well known and highly respected network of partners and investors we already work with. Joining FundumCapital would mean that you will become part of a strong foundation of partner and investors. 


Combining the crypto industry with a the well know and highly valued real estate market opens doors to investors from both industries. With Real Estate ussually giving a small percentage profit on investment the crypto industry is know to have big profit margins. Combining the big profit margins with the secure and steady real estate growth will shake up both industries to the core.


To protect your investment and make sure you receive the return payments accordingly, we will use an payment provider as an intermediairy. They will handle the payment to your wallet or bankaccount with care and will make sure you receive the return payments as agreed.

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