Nice to meet you!

We, the founders and everybody involved with the project, are delighted to have you on board as an investor or participant.

The project has grown incredibly in the last weeks and we are very proud of that. Proud that there is so much interest in what we have to offer and even prouder to be able to say that we have managed to combine our different backgrounds and build a company that truly combines most, if not all of our specific backgrounds.

The founders themselves are specialized in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, real estate and investments. Combining these specific industries turned out to be a golden opportunity with huge upside potential and very low risk. The certainty of a steady growth from property investments combined with an an asset based crypto currency is, what we feel, exactly what both markets didn’t know they needed.

Now with the huge network of big names, top investors and a very motivated team we know that this is the start of an amazing journey.

And we welcome you a long this journey with us.

The Team of Fundum Capital




Let me introduce myself: My name is Willem Wolffgramm (1960). I was born and raised in Amsterdam and am currently living close to Amsterdam. I would describe myself as a results-oriented and international-focused business entrepreneur, with a strong financial background. I have worked for several international companies worldwide, which has enabled me to develop a large international network. 


Over the years, I have evolved into an experienced Managing Director and owner of several start-up & scale-up companies.

 Currently, I am operating as Director of NLInvesteert Amsterdam, a niche service provider for growing (Scale Up) businesses in The Netherlands. Our primary focus is to help businesses grow and create suitable finance facilities for them. NLinvesteert makes growth capital feasible by combining different forms of financing to end up with a perfect solution for a business. Therefore, they can realize their growth path. We also have very good collaborations with bankers, governments, investors, private equity firms, and crowd funders. During the past few years, we have been involved in lots of real estate transactions.

 I think that Fundum Capital, partly due to the accelerated change that is taking place in the financial world, will become a leading company with its unique business model. The enterprise has an unprecedented formula to hedge the intrinsic value of a Cryptocurrency with the value of the underlying real estate. It is therefore my goal, together with this ambitious team from Fundum Capital, to make this company a well-respected player in this market. Our main objective will be to represent the interests of our clients and investors.



Manager Operations

My name is Raoul de Groot, I am currently working for one of the biggest Real Estate advisors in the Netherlands as Head of Sales. In addition, I am in the last year of my bachelor Business Studies with specialisation in marketing and sales. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I would like to further specialise in Blockchain and Real Estate. I would describe myself as a highly motivated individual with a commercial mindset.


I personally believe that the current financial banking system does not have future perspective and I am convinced that Crypto currency will replace the traditional system eventually. However, one of the disadvantages of current Crypto currencies is the lack of intrinsic value.

Fundum Capital set the difference by combining Crypto and property. The return on investments of rent income and increased value of the FND tokens makes it a very unique Crypto currency. This is why I believe Fundum Capital distinguishes itself in the international Blockchain market.

At Fundum Capital I will implement my commercial skills and high interest in Blockchain as well as my experience in Real Estate. In my role as Manager operations, I will further establish the Fundum Capital brand within the Blockchain market.


Head of IT

My name is Ramon Cransveld, creative and experienced part of the Fundum team. Although my title says “Head of IT” I am well known for my ability to adapt to any circumstance and any job that requires my attention. I’ve worked with companies like Getronics / Pinkroccade, the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works and SBIT Hospitality Services on two different occasions. Next to a corporate career I’ve been involved in crypto currencies and blockchain technology for several year s making me a technical development allrounder.


My key features are people management, organising and networking. On a more personal level I am known to be a good listener and due to that fact have the ability to solve occurring problems amongst the team or customers. I excel during stressful situations and circumstances as I am able to switch to a “instant kill” modus which contributes to solving problems on the fly.


Asset Manager


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