What is Fundum Capital?

FundumCapital is a Real Estate Blockchain company. We tokenize real estate properties by creating a stable coin for every property we offer for investment and use our FND Token to pay out the rental income as returns.

What kind of property is available for investment?

We offer a variety of property for investments. Mainly Residential, Commercial and Hospitality type of property.

Will I own (a piece of) the property?

No, you will not be involved in the ownership of the property. Your investment in the property is a stake in the rental income from said property. You will benefit from the property without the hassle that comes with ownership.

What is the cost to participate?

Every FND Stable Coin costs €100 per Stable Coin.

How many FND Stable Coins are available per property?

The amount of the Stable Coins varies depending on the value of the property. We divide the value of the property by 100 to get the total amount of FND Stable Coins. This way the percentages used to calculate the return on investment per holder is easily calculated as the sum is always 100%.

How can I participate in a FND Stable Coin sale?

You can only participate by filling out the special “FND Stable Coins Investment” form. For more info on properties and how to participate please contact us.

How are the returns on investment calculated?

By holding a certain amount of FND Stable Coins you will receive the percentage corresponding to your holdings in rental income. These payments will be conducted in our FND Token. The amount of FND Tokens you receive is based on the current value of the Token vs the price in Euro. Price indicator is coinmarketcap. Example: The first month rental income is €1000 and the value of the FND token is €10. You will receive 100 FND Tokens. The second month the rental income is again €1000 but the value for the FND Tokens has risen to €100; You will receive 10 FND Tokens.

How can I purchase FND Tokens?

You can participate in the Private seed sale or purchase them on any exchange we are listed on. You can find a list of exchanges we are listed on right here:

What wallets are supported?

Any ERC20 compatible wallet is supported. Coinomi, Trustwallet, Ledger, Metamask, Myetherwallet and many more.

I have purchased FND Stable Coins and/or FND Tokens but I cannot see them in my wallet?

Please check that you have opened the correct wallet. If this is the case please add our FND Stable coin and/or FND Token to your holdings. If you cannot add them automatically you can add the manually by using the Contract address, the Name, the symbol and the decimals as the indicators. If you don’t know how to add a Coin or Token manually you can look up the support page of your walletprovider.

You will receive the contract address for the FND Stable Coin per Property upon investing in said property.

Our FND Tokens Contractaddress is:
How can I transfer FND Tokens?

You can transfer them using your wallet backed by a small amount of Ethereum from one address to the other. Always double check the recipient’s address.

What is the Total Supply for FND Tokens?

100,000,000 FND Tokens are minted. Never will this increase.

What are your social media channel?
Are all the properties that will be available to us at Fundum Capital yours or clients? Would I be able to affiliate or tokenize any of my properties with you?

All properties we have in our Real Estate portfolio right now belongs to Fundum Capital. However, you can offer Real Estate you own in order for us to tokenize it. Obviously there are some factors that play a role for us in order to accept your property or not. It needs to be mortgage free for one. Second, we need extensive proof and documentation about it’s occupancy. If you want to know more you are free to contact us through or channels or per email and we will pick it up from there.

How is the procedure you do to establish the FND Stable coin value of a property? How many tokens of these do you distribute the value of a property? Could you give us an example?

We have decided that the price of any stable coin we offer should always be 100 euro. Therefore the amount of tokens per property is always value property / 1000 = amount Stable Coins. Examples can be found on our website already.

FUNDUM CAPITAL says in other to protect users investment and make sure they receive the return payments accordingly, it will use a payment provider as an intermediary. My concern is the integrity of this payment provider? How trustworthy are they to handle payments?

We do work with a trustworthy intermediary NL Investeert (NL Invest). This is a well-known intermediary with years of experience in handling big investments. Having a partner like NL investeert on board, broadens our range of potential investors and ensures that we can follow the growth curve we desire.

What's the difference benefit FND Stable coin and FND Token? Why have two different tokens?

The FND Stable Coin is used to establish the distribution of the income rights. Basically you purchase the equivalent of a security. While it’s not a security in the way securities work we will use it for the return on investment payments for the holders. The payments will be done in FND Tokens. 

The FND Tokens are the tradable token that can be found on exchanges and marketplaces and can be used for everything any other coin or token is used for. There is volatility and much movement to be expected. While the Stable Coin sits in the owners wallet without any movement, neither price wise nor wallet wise, the FND Token can and will be used for many different cases. 

The most important part is the fact that you can only purchase the FND Stable coin with the FND Token and that the distribution of the rental income will be done in FND Tokens.

What is the FND token economics and what is the idea behind the quarterly manual burn? How does this benefit investors so much?

The Tokenomics are pretty forward from the start. There is around 45% immediately available for the market while the rest will be gradually put on the market in time. 

That’s because we have a company reserve that we will be using for expansion and purchasing new properties. Furthermore we must not forget things like marketing, development and of course the team. 

All in all we expect to have a circulating supply of around 80% within the next 2 years. 

Regarding the Quarterly burn: This will commence every three months and will be done manually. The amount of tokens burned may vary and probably will vary every time. The tokens that will be burned come from the FND Stable coin purchases. In other words, the more income rights we sell per quarter the more value the tokens will have that will be in our possession. That’s because FND Stable Coins can only be purchased with FND Tokens. 

After deducting the costs for the three month period of which at the end we will commence the burn we will have a clear view of the amount of tokens that will be burned. This will obviously be communicated with our investors and participants through our social and PR channels. 

An example: If the tokens for Q3 are worth 100million and the costs are 75million we will be burning 100-75=25million worth of FND (Against rates that apply at the time).

What are the various ways which FND Tokens can be purchased?

Through the exchanges mentioned on our website

Will FUNDUM enable different people to have share on a real estate together via tokenize system?

Not a share as we know it. But you will own the rights for the rental income with other people.

Is there a specific kind of property that is available for investment? Can you give examples?

All properties that we have available right now are already on our website. You can have a look at

What is the benefits of using FND tokens in purchasing Real estate over fiat? Will there be incentives for FND Token holders?

Benefits obviously are that you can earn passive income which increases by demand against the not so increasing value of FIAT. The incentives for Token holders are for example that they can purchase FND Stable Coins and earn passive income.

How will giant real estate companies like Coldwell Banker and others around globe be affected by blockchain-crypto movement? What is your mission on this point?

As we have good connections with these companies already it is more than likely that they will join Fundum Capital with their Real Estate Portfolio

What are a few of the things that FND will be disrupting pertaining the real estate system?

First of all investing in Real Estate Property. Owners don’t have to sell anymore to create an income stream. Second, we might focus on starters in the future to offer mortgages without debt. Meaning, we partake in a purchase of a residential property and have the mortgage paid off in FND by the owners. With Fundum many things become possible

Are you looking to expand worldwide?

We already operate worldwide with properties being offered in the near future from the Netherlands, Albania, the Emirates, Germany etc

What guarantee do we have that the value of your tokens will increase as more properties are added to your platform? Will they really be properties that will be attractive to both traders and conventional users?

More properties means more rental income, more rental income means more demand for FND Tokens as the payout is in FND Tokens, more demand means more value increase. That’s without the mandatory use of FND Tokens for the FND Stable Coin purchase. So basically, we’ve created our own asset backed economy where FND Tokens are leading.

Most projects start up with promises of products and/or better products but end up failing on their promises; some even focus too much on token prices that the aim of the project itself is defeated. What are the assurances that this case will be different and what advantages would an investor get in the long term?

We don’t aim to start with false promises of offer better products. We feel that looking at others doesn’t always work well. That why we decided to take a different approach and use what we have already; we own a lot of property, we have a large network of heavy investors all over the world, we have a good understanding of the crypto industry and we believe we can make a difference. And most important, we are confident and ready!

Is it possible that at any point in time, I will own a part of any of the properties I invested on?

No but you will earn rental income from these properties forever.

What is the step by step to be able to participate in the benefits of your properties? Do you have some kind of catalog of all the properties available? Then we just choose and buy the tokens we want? Could you clarify this for us?

We start by offering a new property for investment and every holder of FND Tokens can participate in the sale of the Stable Coins for that property. The offering will be done through our website and you can participate by registering for that property.

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto FUNDUM CAPITAL?

We work with many non-crypto investors already. Besides that, we have many non-crypto influencers on board. From artists to DJ’s to athletes.

Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage your project to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?

We are here to stay as we have been doing this with real estate investment for a long time. The only difference now is that we are adding blockchain in the mix.

While browsing your website I didn't find any information about your team members. Can you tell us where can I find details information about your team members?

Have a look at

Our team is listed there. But please note, not everybody is listed yet as we want to introduce them gradually and with some more PR

Currently, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?

We might explore this in the future as we can imagine using an NFT as proof of ownership for a property. But that brings bring many regulatory issues so that’s the reason why we haven’t yet announced or implemented it

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