FND Amstel 102 Stablecoin Now Available

FND Amstel 102 Stablecoin Now Available

May 30, 2021

As stated in our previous announcement we have come to the point to accept investments for the first Tokenised Real Estate Asset within our network. We are proud to announce that the first tokenised asset will be the property at Amstel 102 in Amsterdam.

For this property a total of 28566 FND Stablecoins will be minted with the set value of 100 € per Stablecoin.

The rental income of the property is valued at 2,856,600 Euros and has a rental income of 104,400€ per year.

The rental income per Stablecoin is €3.35 per year to be paid in FND Tokens.


Tokenomics for Amstel 102:

28,566 pre minted stablecoins
Network: Ethereum ERC20
Contract: 0xe58fa2d00fc56bda68b53fccf8a58c6b08cedf49
Name: FND Amstel 102 Amsterdam
Symbol: FND1017AD102
No Decimals
Set Value: € 100

  • 28566 Available FND Stablecoins 100% 100%

Participation requirements

FND StableCoins can only be purchase with FND Tokens against the value of the FND Tokens at the moment of the transaction. FND Tokens can be purchase at Exmarkets.com (FND/ETH) or at XT.com (FND/USDT).

To purchase FND Stablecoins you need to be part of the private whatsapp investors group. You will be added to the group after we have been able to verify your holdings in FND Tokens (Screenshot with ID and wallet).

If you want to invest in the Stablecoin please contact us on telegram, facebook, twitter or through your Fundum Accountmanager. Please mention the desired amount of Stablecoins, your wallet ID and your name so we can set everything in motion and move towards the transition of the Stablecoins.



Stablecoins will not be traded on any exchange and can only be transferred peer to peer (From one wallet to another). Only wallets who hold the Stablecoins will receive the Rental Income you are entitled to depending on your total holdings.


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