What is FundumCapital?

FundumCapital is a blockchain company with a clear focus on Real Estate. By adding Real Estate properties to the blockchain FundumCapital adds value the crypto currency, FND (or Fundum).

The value is monetized through FundumCapital’s economy by adding the rental income as demand. The rental income will be paid to holders of the FND Stable Coin. Holders of the FND Stable Coin will receive residual payments from the Rental Income based on the percentage they hold in FND Stable Coins.


If the value of a property is €1,000,000 there will be 10,000 Stable Coins available to invest in (Value property divided by 100. Stands for 100%). Let’s assume the rental income of said property is
€ 100,000 per year. With 5 investors each holding 2,000 FND Stable coins.

The Rental income will be divided by 5 (holders) and grants the holders €20,000 income per person per year over that specific property.

The payments will be done in FND Tokens and the holders may choose to exchange the FND Tokens for more rights in different properties, hold them for growth or exchange them for any other desired currency.

FundumCapital adds demand for €100,000 per year to the FND Tokens economy for that specific property. If 10 properties connected to the network demand for FND Tokens becomes €1,000,000, if 100 properties are added demand increases by €10,000,000.

By continuously adding new properties to the economy to be monetized the value of the FND will increase. The more properties FundumCapital adds to the economy the higher the demand will become and thus the higher the value will increase.

The properties FundumCapital adds to the economy are all owned or purchased mortgage free so we are free to offer them as an investment opportunity.

As an investor you can choose to purchase FND Stable coins and receive residual income, purchase FND Tokens to profit from the value increase or do both. 

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