May 5, 2021

First FND Stablecoin Announcement

For people who have been following our project closely this will come to no surprise. Building an crypto economy backed by Real Estate Assets was always our goal and we have finally reached the point where we can proudly announce the launch of our first FND Stablecoin.

Next to this moment being a celebration of world’s first Real Estate backed coin launch it’s also the moment that the demand for our FND Token will start growing. Since it is only possible to acquire FND Stablecoins with FND Tokens it’s exciting to see what effect this will have on the demand and the value of our FND Token.

Following our roadmap to the letter (Okay, we don’t really have a roadmap but we have a mission to achieve goals) we know that this launch will be the first of many to come. We have many investment opportunities being prepared already and we know that the next Stablecoin launch will follow very soon.

All-in all this will be an exciting moment for holders of the FND Tokens, the participants in the FND Stablecoin sale and the team and management of Fundum Capital. We have been working relentlessly to achieve the goals we have set not so long ago. We have been listed on Coingecko already, two exchange listings and a boatload of backers and investors make us certain that the whole idea behind Fundum Capital, to create an economy by tokenising Real Estate with a growing demand against a quarterly diminishing supply, will succeed.

The property for the first tokenised asset will be announced in a couple of days and will be available only for FND Token holders.

Let’s reinvent investing

Team Fundum

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